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The WHYVALE zines are annual collections of drawings and writing revolving around themes of rural adolescence. Fuzzy time warped memories unfold as pages of pop surrealist imagery illuminate passages of experimental writing. Poetry of moon phases and last songs, of apocalypse and dreaming, the narrative meanders like a stray cat most familiar with the landscape.

cover spread for WHYVALE 4 fun with vehicles
Centerfold story from WHYVALE 4
passenger seat activity page from WHYVALE 4
drawings from WHYVALE 4
end page from WHYVALE 4
cover spread for WHYVALE 3 you must be dreaming
dinosaur theories from WHYVALE 3
poem and illustration from WHYVALE 3
story and illustration from WHYVALE 3
cover spread for WHYVALE 2
opening page from WHYVALE 2
catalogue poem from WHYVALE 2 about the moon
poem from WHYVALE 2 about the moon
experimental writing, story, and illustration from WHYVALE 2
WHYVALE 1 drawing on childhood
WHYVALE 1 story from childhood
WHYVALE 1 drawing on dreams
WHYVALE 1 zine cover
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