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Episode 102 unpacks themes of nostalgia, time travel, creativity, visual art and more. A deep conversation with Michael McGlennon, aka Moon Toboggan in anticipation of his latest release "Time Machines". Enjoy!

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This mixtape was compiled from over a decades long practice of recording cover songs and audio notes for my wife while we worked opposite shifts. Once or twice a week I would record a cover song I’d been practicing on one of my cassette recorders and leave it cued up on our table for when she got home. Now you too can enjoy these unbelievably low fidelity interpretations of all my favorite songwriters like Elliott Smith, Daniel Johnston, Koji Kondo, Charles Manson and so so many more! It’s the cover album you never knew you wanted bud!


1 Kodachrome - Paul Simon

2 Hands In Pockets - Laura Gibson

3 Oh Tasha (Yoko) - John Lennon

4 Clementine - Elliott Smith

5 Who's Your Boyfriend - Adam Green

6 True Love Will Find You In The End - Daniel Johnston

7 Super Mario Overworld Theme (live) - Koji Kondo

8 Sunshine Of Your Love (best take) - Cream (Bravery Cat)

9 I’ll Be Your Mirror - Velvet Underground

10 Swallowed - Bush

11 Fall of the Star High School Running Back - 

Mountain Goats

12 Effervescing Elephant - Syd Barrett

13 Home Is Where You’re Happy - Charles Manson

14 Let Me Be Your Wife - Creep Highway

15 Darkness - Lonesome Wyatt and Rachel Brooke

16 Connection - Rolling Stones

17 This Is The Day - The The

18 Little Trip To Heaven - Tom Waits


19 Meth - Bravery Cat

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